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Monday Activities 3

Monday Activities III
“Gogağari a destani domiziti”
As Gola Association, we have arranged “Destani Activity” together with Birol Topaloglu and Laz Ali who is known with his exceptional “destani” performance to remember and record the destani heritage which is anyhow performed and produced rarely in Laz Culture that we could not find an opportunaty to listen in its own region.
In a special athmosphere lit with candles and lux lamp due to power outage, Birol Topaloğgu who was our guest with the Laz destanis he performed together with his fiddle and bag pipe complained that he could not find time to listen destani as before and starting from 1970/80 the destani heritage was also began to perish with the socio- economic transformations. He mentioned that it is not taking a place in our lives as it is used to be.
Laz Ali and Birol Topaloğlu gave information about structural and cultural features of destani and how this heritage was kept alive as before and created an emotional and unique environment with the destanis they perform together from “Destani”, the last album of Birol Topaloğlu.
Laz Ali is a fisherman in Zelek village in Pazar district of Rize; his specific style of performing destani was telling lots of things about Laz destani heritage.
Towards the end of this activity; young musician Emre Pehlivanlar joined the two destani expert and perform with them. Seeing three generations on the stage performing destani together , which we resent its loss was hopeful.
Also a brief workshop of performing Destani took place under Birol Toplaoğlu’s direction. He taught how to perform to the participants by repetations of a Laz Destani words together.

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