Rumelikavağı District Festival

Rumelikavağı District Festival was supported by Gola, Culture, Art and Ecology NGO and organized by 2010 Volunteer Program. The festival was held in a fishery town of Istanbul, Rumelikavağı which has a beautiful Bosporus view.  It was realized with voluntary participation of the district dwellers in 2nd and 3rd of

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The Black Sea Peacebuilding Network

The Black Sea Peace building Network of the 2009 Expert Councils in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova was enlarged by the new Expert Councils in Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine in 2010. The network is managed by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly from Turkey. The overall goal of the project is to

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Newroz Afiş 30 50 (2)

2010 International Newroz Festival

2010 INTERNATIONAL NEWROZ FESTIVAL First International Newroz Festival in Istanbul was produced by Gola Culture, Arts and Ecology NGO which supports the development of participatory and pluralistic societies and organizes cultural and artistic activities in order to achieve its goals. We, as Gola NGO organized the International Newroz Festival in

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Monday Activities 2

“Hamsi belki kavağa çıkabilir ama asfalta hayır!”    Ordulular Karadeniz Otoyolu yapımına karşı direnişlerini bu esprili sözlerle gösterdiler ve sonuçta mücadeleleri sahillerinde deniz dolgusunun önüne geçebildi… ama ne yazıkki yolun geçtiği diğer bölgelerde halk bilinçlenip harekete geçtiğinde yol çoktan tamamlanmıştı.     Gola’da Pazartesi Toplantılarının konuğu olan Arhavili Şükran Özçakmak bize

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Monday Activities 1 – Our Odyssey of Humanization

Monday Activities 1 Our Odyssey of Humanization First Guest of the Monday Activities of Gola was Assistant Professor Doctor Cigdem Sahin from Istanbul University with her presentation “Our Odyssey of Humanization”. Sahin mentioned ruling systems and the phases, good considerations, changed values and social transformations related to this within the

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Monday Activities 3

Monday Activities III “Gogağari a destani domiziti” As Gola Association, we have arranged “Destani Activity” together with Birol Topaloglu and Laz Ali who is known with his exceptional “destani” performance to remember and record the destani heritage which is anyhow performed and produced rarely in Laz Culture that we could

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A different and a sensitive voice for the history, culture and geography of he region. Green Highland has responsive awareness supported by its stand and goal.We will continue as long as we stand tall against populist fundraisers. Instead of focusing on just particular villages individually like many other festivals do

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