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‘Monday Activities’ began with a presentation of curator Denizhan Özer, named “We Must All Shoulder This Stone Heavy Responsibility”.

‘Monday Activities’ began with a presentation of curator Denizhan Özer, named “We Must All Shoulder This Stone Heavy Responsibility”. It was held in 29th of November, Monday at 19:30 in Gola NGO. ‘Monday Activities’ is organized by Gola Culture, Arts and Ecology NGO and calls its participants to think together

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The Black Sea Peacebuilding Network

The Black Sea Peace building Network of the 2009 Expert Councils in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova was enlarged by the new Expert Councils in Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine in 2010. The network is managed by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly from Turkey. The overall goal of the project is to

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Minority languages in Turkey dying out

Minority languages in Turkey dying out Of the world’s thousands of language in danger of extinction by the end of the century, 15 of them are dying out in Turkey, a new UNESCO publication says. The UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger lists languages whose survival is unsafe,

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Lily Kharrazi says:

Green Yayla Festival August 1, 2, 3 2008 Report/Observations by Lily Kharrazi Board member Door Dog Music Productions I attended the third Culture, Arts and Ecology Green Yayla Festival in the Black Sea area of Turkey this summer.  Having watched the developments of the non-profit organization, GOLA take wing under

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Letter to Ministry of Interior Content

I write as the Executive Director of a California-based foundation created by Alan Christensen which has been funding internationally on environmental, educational and cultural issues all over the world since 1957.         We currently support music festivals in many countries, including Australia, Mexico, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya and Ethiopia and have

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Since Abu has been…..

The title of this writing was not chosen by me. After the events were over I approached an old woman and asked her what she thought about the Festival. This was her reply. “ Since Abu has been a rural village out of nowhere it has never witnessed an occasion

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A different and a sensitive voice for the history, culture and geography of he region. Green Highland has responsive awareness supported by its stand and goal.We will continue as long as we stand tall against populist fundraisers. Instead of focusing on just particular villages individually like many other festivals do

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