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The Black Sea Peacebuilding Network

The Black Sea Peace building Network of the 2009 Expert Councils in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova was enlarged by the new Expert Councils in Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine in 2010. The network is managed by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly from Turkey.

The overall goal of the project is to enable civil society organisations in the 7 Black Sea countries dealing with conflicts to reach a critical mass in order to become full-fledged stakeholders in conflict resolution, and thus to pressure regional governments to work towards peace in the region.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To strengthen peacebuilding capacities at civil-society level by creating and sustaining a public discourse on peace-building issues through forums in the 7 partner countries.
  1. To strengthen and enlarge the regional “Black Sea Peacebuilding Network”
  1. To ensure efficient communication and influence at the EU and national governments, media and broader public level.

Gola Culture, Art and Ecology NGO also joins to the black sea peacebuilding network meetings in Turkey to argue the problems of Black Sea and tries to find solutions. Gola NGO also shares its experiences and suggestions with different perspectives about the conflicts of Turkey – such as immigration and city, employment, public services and investments, security, energy policies, environmental issues, economical problems – in the network meetings.

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